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R-89 Alice Cooper
Live - The Spectrum, Philadelphia, PA, 1973
R-90 Alice Cooper
Live - MSG, NYC, 1973
R-135 Alice Cooper
Live - MSG, NYC, 1973
R-354 Alice Cooper Group
Group Shot - Los Angeles, CA, 1973
R-436 Jack Benny, Alice Cooper & George Burns
Living Legends Awards, NYC, 1973

C-69 Dick Wagner, Suzi Quatro & Alice Cooper
On Plane - USA, 1975
C-77 Alice Cooper
Portrait - Greenwich, CT, 1973

C-84 Alice Cooper
Live - MSG, NYC, 1975
R-466 Alice Cooper
Live - 1973
R-87 Alice Cooper
Portrait - NYC, 1973
R-88 Alice Cooper & Salvador Dali
Brain of A Popstar - NYC, 1973
R-86 Alice Cooper & Wolfman Jack
Portrait - Studio 29, NYC, 1973
R-429 Alice Cooper & Liza Minnelli
Backstage - NYC, 1973
R-431 Alice Cooper & Joey Ramone
Backstage - The Ritz, NYC, 1990
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