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R-265 Johnny Thunders
Live - Irving Plaza, NYC, 1985
R-119 Johnny Thunders & Julie Thunders
NYC, 1977
R-156 Richard Hell & Johnny Thunders
Max' Kansas City, NYC, 1978
R-304 Johnny Thunders, Sable Starr
& Iggy Pop

CBGB, NYC, 1977
R-422 David Johansen, Nina Hagen, Johnny Thunders, Kate Simon, Syl Sylvain
& Friends

Begger's Opera, Queens, NY, 1980
R-359 Johnny Thunders
Portrait - Los Angeles, CA, 1973
R-398 Johnny Thunders
NYC, 1977
C-93 Johnny Thunders
A Loft at East 2nd Street, NYC, 1986
R-380 Johnny Thunders
Live - Irving Plaza, NYC, 1985
R-402 Johnny Thunders
Los Angeles, CA, 1973
R-342 Johnny Thunders & David Johansen
Portrait - Los Angeles, CA, 1973
R-360 Johnny Thunders & Sable Starr
Backstage - Academy of Music, NYC, 1974
R-284 David Johansen & Johnny Thunders
Live - Max's Kansas City, NYC, 1973
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