May 31, 2002 dataharvest

May 31, 2002

Green Day played at Madison Square Garden and everyone had a ball! They are the most fun live band around and they really involve the audience. The best part of the show is when they take fans from the crowd and bring them on stage and let them play a song! I first saw them do this a few years ago; Billie Joe would get a fan up and give him his guitar, but now they replace the whole band! It was amazing to see them pull it off at Madison Square Garden. It starts with Billie Joe asking who can play and then questioning him and the friends around him and if he gets the nod, he gets passed up over the crowd to the stage. Sometimes the guy is a looser and gets booed back into the crowd but sometimes they get a real showman and the crowd roars. Everyone wishes it could be them on stage and a few lucky fans get their chance.

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