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Nov '03- Feb '04 - Here's a wrap-up of the events I've seen in the last few months.


Ryan Adams celebrated his birthday at a surprise party at the 3 of Cups in NYC. He said "My mind is full of demons, and I'm just feeding them chocolate!"

Jesse Malin played with Bruce Springsteen at Bruce's special Christmas Benefit show in Asbury Park, NJ

I was hired to shoot "Hang on the Box" a punk gurl band from Beijing. They seemed hip and very nice to me, but a few weeks later the Chinese Govt. canceled their visas saying they were not good representatives of China.


Invited to give a slide talk at the Hawaii Pacific University, I of course went with my wife Elizabeth.

On Dec. 1, New York City formally dedicated Joey Ramone Place at Second Ave and East 3rd street, where Joey used to live.


At a ceremony in nearby CBGB's, Joey's mom received the official proclamation from Mayor's office.


Jim Jarmusch read a list of other notables who've had streets named for them, showing that Joey was in the company of greats like Joe DiMaggio and John Coltrane.

Handsome Dick Manitoba said that "Joey Ramone Place" wasn't good enough, it should have been and Avenue or Boulevard!

Later at a reception at his loft Ramones art director Arturo Vega greeted original Ramones managers Linda Stein and Danny Fields.

After Arturo's we went to Manitoba's bar on Ave B to celebrate Dick and wife Zoe's son Jake's first birthday.

The Star Spangles were really good at 30th anniversary of CBGB, continuing the tradition of CB's giving local bands a start.

The Dictators also played at the CBGB anniversary; they have been playing there since it opened in 1973.

Dec. 4th Ryan Adams played at Webster Hall with his new band and some new songs.

Ryan jumped into the audience and got close to his fans.

Pete Yorn is a fan of my photos so Jesse Malin brought him to my studio to meet me.

Ari Up was one of the artists to pay tribute to Joe Strummer at Irving Plaza.

We went to Montpellier, Vermont for the 1st night celebration to see my son Kris Gruen. Kris played with his band to a full house and we all had a very happy New Years Eve!

The band I lived with in the '60's, the Glitterhouse got together for a reunion. It was fun to see Mike Gayle, Hank Aberle, Moogy Klingman and Al Lax jaming together again.

At the Hard Rock Cafe party celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in the US, Tommy Ramone and Micky Dolenz (of the Monkees) are surrounded by the Star Spangles.

Then Fashion week started for me with a show of Rock and Roll styles by Michael H (above with a model) at Don Hills Club.


Tommy Hilfiger and Patti Hansen were checkin' out Michael H's show.


Donald Trump was the center of attention at the Marc Jacobs show.


Anna Sui and Vincent Gallo were in the front row at Marc Jacob's show.


The models work the runway at Anna Sui's show in the Tent on Sixth Ave

February also saw Jesse Malin in the studio producing his second album, due in June.


Josh Cheuse had an exhibition of his 20 years of photographing rock bands at the Go Fish Gallery.

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