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Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame this year were performers; Aerosmith, Solomon Burke,The Flamingos, Michael Jackson, Queen, Paul Simon, Steely Dan, Ritchie Valens; side-men James Burton and Johnnie Johnson; and Chris Blackwell. The evening was very interesting with people such as Keith Richards and Moby and the group 'N Synch making the presentations and joining in the after dinner Jam Session  

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Chris                       Blackwell</font>

Jamacian music honcho Chris Blackwell

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Keith Richards</font>

Keith Richards inducted pianistJohnnie Johnson

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Moby</font>


<font face="Comic Sans MS">Michael Jackson</font>

Michael Jackson

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Aerosmith</font>


<font face="Comic Sans MS">Steven Tyler and photog Bob                       Gruen</font>

Steven Tyler and photog Bob Gruen


<font face="Comic Sans MS">Joe Perry &amp; his wife</font>

Joe Perry & his wife

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Liv, Chelsea &amp;                       Mia Tyler</font>

Sisters - Liv, Chelsea & Mia Tyler


<font face="Comic Sans MS">The Flamingos</font>

The Flamingos

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Steely Dan</font>

Steely Dan


<font face="Comic Sans MS">N'sync</font>

'N Synch

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Queen</font>



<font face="Comic Sans MS">Nancy Sinatra with                     Phil Spector</font>

Nancy Sinatra with Phil Spector

<font face="Comic Sans MS">Ricky Martin</font>

Ricky Martin


<font face="Comic Sans MS">Jam session</font>

Jam session

King Solomon Burke

King Solomon Burke

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