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March - June 2012 - Update
March started off for me at SXSW in Austin, then some good times in New York and off to Sao Paulo in April for the opening of a big exhibition of my photos, photo talks and even guest DJ nights...then more cool events back in New York in May and Los Angeles in June


March 13 - Austin, TX - I was happy to be at SXSW for the debut screening of Don Letts' documentary "Rock 'N' Roll Exposed: The Photography of Bob Gruen"

March 15 - SXSW - I was moderator for the Artist Image panel titled "Haircut and Attitude" with Anne Webber, BP Fallon, John Varvatos and Jesse Malin.

March 15 - SXSW - Bruce Springsteen played a surprise show that featured a guest apperance by Reggae star Jimmy Cliff at the Browser Theater.

March 17- SXSW - My son Kris and I met folk legend Donovan at the BMI breakfast.

March 17 - SXSW - BP Fallon performed with his amazing group at Skinny's ballroom

March - SXSW - 'You don't need no teeth to eat my beef' is the slogan at Sam's Barbeque where my friend John Hart took me for dinner.

March 17 - Austin, TX - I met up with old friends Jody Denberg and Alejandro Escovedo at Maria's Taco Express.

March 18 - Austin, TX - Jesse Malin joined with Alejandro Escovedo at Alejandro's closing party at the Continental.

March 18 - SXSW - Garland Jeffreys was also performing at Alejandro's closing party at the Continental.

March 29 - New York City - Original Kiss drummer Peter Criss stopped by my studio to choose photos for his upcoming biography.

March 29 - New York City - Linda Ramone came to the John Varvatos store, formerly CBGB, to celebrate the release of a book by her late husband Johnny Ramone.

March 29 - NYC - Elvis Costello came to the Johnny Ramone book release party too.

March 31 - Sao Paulo - I flew to Sao Paulo, Brazil, for the opening of a big exhibit of my work, and the first place I went was the King Boutique for a new pair of their great jeans.

April 1 - Sao Paulo - At the Oca building in Parque do Ibirapuera, in Sao Paulo, where my photos were part of the exhibition 'Let's Rock' produced by Hey Ho Entertainment director Rogerio Effori, Nathia Nicolau (who made sure all the details were taken care of), and curator Jose Antonio Algodoal.

April 3 - Sao Paulo - My photos at the 'Let's Rock!' exhibition were presented on scaffold pipes reminiscent of concert staging. The exhibit has more than 70 large format photo prints and looked very good.

April 3 - Sao Paulo - My old friend Roy Cicala (on the right), who for many years owned the Record Plant Studio in NY, came to the opening party in spite of having to use crutches due to a hip injury. On the left is Apollo Nove, who is a partner in Roy's new studio in Sao Paulo

April 4 - Sao Paulo - DJ Vanessa Porto invited me to be a guest DJ at rock niteclubs Alberta #3 and Astronet.

April 4 - Sao Paulo - I had a lot of fun being the DJ at Alberta #3 on Wednesday night. I play a very fast rockin' set.

April 6 - Sao Paulo - I gave two photo talks at the 'Let's Rock' exhibit, and on Friday, at the end of the talk my friend Brazilian Senator Eduardo Suplicy asked me to join him on stage singing Bob Dylan's 'Blowin' in the Wind'(see youtube)

April 7 - Sao Paulo - Joan Jett was playing at the Lolapalooza festival so I got to see her. It was the first time Joan played in Brazil and the fans loved her.

April 7- Sao Paulo - At the Joan Jett show I met the very amusing singer Peaches.

April 8 - Sao Paulo - Thanks to help from photo/cinema student Natasha Durski I went to see a soccer game in the Estadio Municipal near my hotel. The home team, the Corinthians won.

April 8 - Sao Paulo - I went with Senator Eduardo Suplicy to see the Racionais, a very popular and powerful Brazilian rap group.

April 9 - Sao Paulo - Tito Ficarelli, who designed my 'Rockers' exhibition at FAAP Museum in 2007, threw a party for me to celebrate my new success.

April 12 - New York City - Back home, I went to see Ronnie Wood at the opening of an exhibit of his art at the Broome Street gallery.

April 20 - New York City - Anthony Mason interviewed me and Debbie Harry in my studio for a CBS Sunday Morning TV show.

May 2 - New York City - Courtney Love showed her paintings at Fred Torres Collaborations gallery in Chelsea.

May 4 - Asbury Park, NJ - Art629 gallery owner Pat Schiavino and me at the opening of my exhibition in Asbury Park. The first time I've had an exhibition in the newly revitalized town.

May 5 - New York City - I went to see Shepard Fairey at his exhibition of new work at the Pace gallery.

May 5 - Marty Rev and Ric Ocasek with Alan Vega at the Annual Friends of Artists Space Dinner honoring Alan this year for his artistic achievements.

May 14 - As part of the taping for the upcoming CBS Sunday TV show, I made photos of Tammy Faye Starlight in a wedding dress.

May 17 - Paul Weller played a very rockin' set at the John Varvatos store in CBGB's former location. Paul said CBGB was the first venue he had played in the US and he had fond memories of the place.

June 10 - I went with my friend, the great harmonica player Hook Herrera, to the Bar-B-Que festival at Madison Square Park where we saw Alejandro Escoveda play.

June 13 - Ronnie Spector, introduced by radio dj 'Cousin Brucie' was an honoree and performer at the Why Hunger Benefit.

June 5 - Nona Hendryx at her FEAR OR LOVE! exhibit at the Catmchelsea Gallery

The Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles promoted the 'Who Shot Rock & Roll' exhibit with 250 street posters all over town.

June 20 - Photographers featured in a short film at the Annenberg exhibit gathered for a preview - above left to right; Norman Seef, Jill Furnmanovsky, Guy Webster, Bob Gruen, Lynn Goldsmith, Henry Diltz and Edward Colver

June 21 - On the red carpet at the 'Who Shot Rock & Roll' opening; Fran Drescher, Wallis Annenberg, me and my friend Richard Lewis. I'll be back to give a talk at the exhibition on September 27th.

June 22 - The International Swingers - Glen Matlock, Gary Twinn, Clem Burke And James Stevenson played at the Farmers Market in Los Angles.

Julian Lennon came to The International Swingers show and told me he was in Los Angeles recording a new album....can't wait to hear it!
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