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July 28 - 29, 2009 - New York - Green Day brought their new show to Madison Square Garden for two amazing three hour long concerts, playing new songs and old, and bringing fans from the audience onstage to join in and sing and play with the band.

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Billie Joe gets the show started on a high note


Green Day is hot!

The background light show was very fitting for New York!

Tre` Cool on the drums, and yes he is cool!

Everyone in the band lies down on stage

Fireworks lit up the show

Elija was called from the audience to "be saved"

One of the most fun things about a Green Day show is the many people the group brings up from the audience to sing or play with the group.

Another fan gets his moment onstage

And yet another fan is brought up to join in

The most amazing guitar player from the audience was Stephanie, catch her on video here

A smiling Billie Joe at the end of the first show

Courtney Love was backstage to say hello to Billie Joe

Joseph joins his mom Adrienne and dad Billie Joe. He's got a band of his own called "Emily's Army"

Backstage Tuesday before the second MSG show

Tre Cool in the band's dressing room

Billie Joe's ready to go on

Tre shows a sign some fans made

Just before going on the band warms up their voices

And it's showtime! "HELLO NEW YORK!"

Billie Joe tries to "save" a fan named Trevor

The view from behind

Fans reach for the stars!

Billie Joe takes in all in, awed by the loud cheers

Bass player Mike Dirnt jumps high

And keeps jumping all through the show

The band again enlisted people from the audience to play with them - the boy on bass was so good Mike gave him the bass!

Piano player Jason Freese plays sax as well

Not all the fans sounded as good as they looked

The crowd roars for more!

Billie Joe - A singer with heart!

And a rockin' guitar!

Mike Dirnt keeps the beat going strong

The confetti flys as the show comes to a close

Adrienne and Billie Joe hang with New York rocker Jesse Malin backstage after the show

Billie Joe shares a laugh with Green Day Manager Pat Magnarella
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