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Summer 2013 update -

I had an amazing trip in June. Starting out with a week in Buenos Aires where my book 'John Lennon - the New York Years' was published in a Spanish edition and celebrated with a huge exhibition...(Click here to see an interview and images from my exhibition at the Centro Cultural Recoleta Gallery). Then I flew to Belgium where an exhibition of my photos opened at Fort Napoleon in Ostende (yes, a real fort built by Napoleon!). Then off for a week to visit my friends, punk band 'The Barb Wire Dolls' in Crete, Greece. I stopped in Paris on the way home and finally got to see Pete Doherty and then home in New York in time to see Alice Cooper's great show at the Beacon Theater.


June 14- Buenos Aires - Sebastian Alderete and Dario Lanis were the organizers who made all the connections for a big exhibition of my John Lennon photos at the Centro Cultural Recoleta Gallery.

June 19- Buenos Aires - The mayor of Buenos Aires, Mauricio Macri, came to the opening of my exhibition. When the exhibit ended three weeks later he said that it was the most successful exhibit ever held in Buenos Aires, with an attendance of over 445,000 people!

June 19 - Buenos Aires - I DJ'd at the opening of the exhibition playing some good rockin' music.

June 20 - Buenos Aires - Top Argentine rock photographer Nora Lezano took some great photos of me after a workshop and public interview I did in connection with my exhibition.

June 19- Buenos Aires - Elio Kapszuk was the curator of the exhibit. He had a full size reproduction of the Imagine Circle - the Italian mosaic in the Strawberry Fields park in New York - made as a centerpiece for the exhibit. He also had the words to Lennon's song, Imagine, written in Spanish and placed all around the walls of the exhibit.

June 19 - Buenos Aires - Elio also had the idea to reproduce 90 of my contact prints of Lennon photo sessions for one wall of the exhibit, which was very impressive.

June 15 - Buenos Aires - While we were in Buenos Aires my wife Elizabeth and I were treated to a Tango lesson. It was fun but I don't think I learned too much.

June 14 - Buenos Aires - My guitar player friend Jimmy Ripp lives in Buenos Aires now and he let me know that Marky Ramone was in town playing a show there. Marky and his band played a very powerful set to a sold out crowd.

June 24 - Maastricht, Belgium - Click here to see a cool TV interview by Marcel Vanthilt for my exhibition in Ostende, Belgium.

June 25- Bruges, Belgium - We visited the master chocolate chef and all-around cool guy Dominique Persoone, check out www.thechocolateline.be

June 25- Bruges, Belgium - Patti Smith was playing in Bruges when we were there so we had dinner with road manager Andrew Burns and guitarist Lenny Kaye before seeing the show.

June 26 - Ostende, Belgium - My exhibit was held in a 200 year old fort built by Napoleon with the photos looking very good mounted in the arched hallways. http://angels-ghosts.com

June 28 - Crete, Greece- Punk rockers, the Barb Wire Dolls invited us to visit them at their home in Crete. We spent most of our time with them on the beach in Iraklion.

July 5- Crete, Greece - the Barb Wire Dolls live in the Ikarus Artist Colony in the ancient town of Avedo in the hills of Crete. It was a great break for us to visit such a remote place. They held a party in our honor so we could meet all their local friends and we had a great time.

July 7- Paris - I visited with Rock & Folk magazine editor Philippe Manoeuvre in Paris and we both wore our white jackets, a good rock & roll summer look.

July 7- Paris - We went to see Pete Doherty play a free outdoor show in Place de la Republique in Paris. He was surprisingly good considering all the stories of his troubles.

July 8 - Paris - Just outside the Pompidou Museum there is a small building reproducing the studio of the artist Brancusi....well worth visiting.

July 18 - New York - Back home in New York Alice Cooper was as good as ever at the Beacon Theatre, acting out all his best hit songs.
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