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Ohio Gozimus, Hisashiburi^

I am still in shock over the sudden death of my friend Joe Strummer.

He was the strongest of men, a real inspirational leader, a guy who never seemed to tire of listening to people and talking to them, learning and teaching all the time. He had true compassion for everyone he met. He was the nicest and also the most fun loving person I'v known.

Joe loved coming to Japan and he came to most of the Fuji Rock Festivals to play music and have fun all night.

So I hope you will have fun in the spirt of Joe Strummer and listen to music and talk with each other and meet new people and have a really great time.

Domo Arigato

Bob Gruen - Japan - Fuji Rock Festival 2003

(*Japanese for Good Morning, Glad to see you again)

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