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Summer, 2002 - It was a very busy summer and it's taken me a while to put a page together. Check out scenes from Ace Frehley at Don Hill's Club, Blondie at Jones Beach, and more!! and click here to see a page of Ryan Adams photos from this summer as well.  

June - Jesse Malin played a series of shows at Don Hill's club to showcase the material from his new album. Above, Jesse is congratulated by club owner Don Hill.

June - Les Paul celebrated his 87th year by playing another of his great weekly shows at the Iridium club in New York. He sounded as good as ever. Happy Birthday Les!

July 30 - Handsome Dick Manitoba had a party for the opening of an exhibition of 1970's Rock & Roll photos at his bar "Manatoba's on Ave B between 6th & 7th streets in NYC. Ace Frehley of Kiss was one of the stars at the party. There's lot's of my photos and also pix by Leee Childers, Roberta Bayley, Stephanie Chernikowski, David Godless and others, check it out!

August 9th - Ace Frehley played a rare solo show at Don Hill's Club. The place was packed and Ace did not let his fans down. He had the biggest sound system I've seen in Don's place and he played a long set of favorites. We stayed up late and had a great time.



July 30, - Blondie played at Jones Beach Theater with the B-52's. Debbie is better than ever and the band is really tight. See them if you have the chance

Backstage at Jones Beach Debbie and Chris say "hi" to Kate Pierson of the B-52's


Aug 13 - Oasis played a great show at the Beacon Theater and after the show we ended up having drinks with the band in the Irish Pub on 7th Ave. Someone saw Tom Jones walking by and invited him in to say hello. He was happy to meet the Oasis guys and posed for the shot above with Andy Bell, Phil Smith, and Noel Gallagher

I went to the Oasis show with Ryan Adams, who, besides being a fan (he covered one of their songs),,wanted to check out the Beacon Theater because he's scheduled to perform a solo acoustic show there on October 10th. As we left the bar after hanging out with Oasis, Ryan poseed for a picture in Times Square.

Aug 25 - Supermodel, SuperRocker, Supermom Bebe Buell married musician Jim Wallenstein (of Vacationland) in Maine. It was a postcard perfect day as Bebe's daughter Liv Tyler posed with Jim and Bebe and Bebe's mom Dorothea Johnson.

Sept.9 - The fantasticly exciting Toilet Boys opened for Nina Hagan at Webster Hall in New York. Debbie Harry came to see them and posed for this backstage photo with them.

Sept 17 - I was in Paris and got to see Oasis at the Zenith theater. All of their Paris shows in the last few years had been cancelled for one reason or another and the crowd was cheering from the start of the show because they were so happy to finally get to see the band. Oasis didn't disapoint them and played a really rockin' set.

After the Oasis show in Paris, Noel Gallagher and Gem Archer share a drink and wish all their fans "Cheers and bon soir!"



This summer my son Kris Gruen recorded a CD of songs he's written. Called "Leaving Light" it was produced by his friend Brett Jazzy in New York. Kris is currently performing in Vermont where he lives and is looking for a distribution deal.

These two, Bill Wetzel and Liz Barry, have been seen sitting by the sidewalks around New York City with this sign. It is their art to try to help people communicate with each other. If you see them, talk to them, and maybe you'll be inspired to talk to other people as well.

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