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Aug-Sept 2002 - NYC - Hangin' out with Ryan Adams. I've gotten to know Ryan over the last year, and this summer spent several nights going to events in New York with him. We also shot a session for his new publicity photos. On this page see shots from our photo session and the MTV Video Music Awards aftershow party as well as the opening of Ryan's exhibition of his paintings at the Niagara club.



Ryan and I spent some time checking out the NY nite life this summer. We had talked for a while about doing a photo session together, and we planned to shoot on a Friday. The night before we saw a great show by Oasis at the Beacon Theater and though Ryan looked good at 3AM (above), the next day he wanted to postpone the shoot till after the weekend!.


On Monday, Aug 19th, we got together in the early evening for our photo session. His record company, Lost Highway, wanted a variety of shots, including in my studio and in a recording studio to promote his new album, "Demolition". We started outside my studio, went to Electric Lady studio on 8th Street, and then back to my studio. As you can see, the pictures came out great.

At Electric Lady Studio, Ryan made friends with the studio's pet cat, Jimi. This shot was published the next week in Rolling Stone Magazine.

We took a series of photos in the colorful Electric Lady Studios, and a big "thanks" to Electric Mary for letting us use the place Jimi Hendrix built.


Back at my studio, with a little help from my stylist, Amy Lasch, Ryan cleans up well for some more formal shots.


Ryan's passion comes through in his music and I wanted to capture that in the images I made for him.



A week later we ran into Ryan at the Fader Magazine party after the MTV Video Awards show. He was with Craig Nicholls, singer from the Vines and Kelly Osbourne.

After a quick ride in Kelly's van, we got into more serious partying at the Niagara club. More stars from the MTV awards show came, like Meg White, with Ryan and Kelly above.


Sometime very late that same night we went back to Ryan's apt. Above, my wife Elizabeth listens as he plays some of his new songs,

Around dawn, Julian Casablancas of the Strokes arrived to chill for awhile. It was after 8AM by the time we left.

Less than a week later Ryan had a party for the opening of a show of his paintings at the Niagara club, Ave A and 7th Street. Marianne Faithfull came to the party, and Ryan showed off his work. The night before she had added some vocals to a track on a new album Ryan was recording.

Marianne and Ryan were joined by Rufus Wainright & Melissa Auf Der Mar for a chat about painting and art.



Ryan takes a moment to thank Niagara owner Jesse Malin for the opening and says "hi" to record exec Danny Goldberg, Jesse's new album. which was produced by Ryan, will be released on Danny's Artemis Records lable in January.

Ryan's manager Frank Callari looks like he's giving Ryan a kiss, but he's probably reminding him that he still has to go back to the studio to finish his new recording.

And what does Ryan do after weeks of partying and a long night at his art opening? He goes back to a studio at 2AM to finish his new recording project!

Ryan's pretty busy these days, but he still finds time to give a hug of thanks to Leona Naess for her support.


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