July 24, 2014 bobgruen

‘Rock ‘N’ Roll Exposed: The Photography Of Bob Gruen’

Award winning director Don Letts made a feature length film titled ‘Rock & Roll Exposed – the Photography of Bob Gruen’ for Sky Arts TV in England, where it first aired in the Spring of 2011.

It’s a very entertaining film featuring interviews with Iggy Pop, Debbie Harry, Alice Cooper, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Billie Joe Armstrong, Tommy Ramone, Jesse Malin, Legs McNeil, Lenny Kaye, Bob’s ’70’s assistant Karla Merrifield and of course Bob Gruen and lots of his photos.

It is currently airing on Showtime, Showtime On Demand and Showtime Anytime. Click here to see the schedule.

Rock N Roll Exposed, NYC - 2011

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