July 15, 2014 bobgruen

Peace Statement from the Million Musician March in Austin, TX – 2011

When John and Yoko were getting married they wanted to go on a private honeymoon like anyone else, but the more they tried to find a place where they could be private, the more they thought the press would search until they found them. They realized that the most valuable picture for the press would be a picture of them in bed on their honeymoon. So they decided to invite all the journalists in to take a picture of them in their honeymoon bed.

Knowing that these pictures would be printed on the front page of newspapers and magazines around the world they included the word PEACE behind them. That way newspapers around the world had PEACE on their front page. This was just one of the ways that John and Yoko worked for World Peace.

We all want peace, but it’s very hard to fight for peace , because as soon as you fight for peace, you’re not peaceful; and in order for there to be peace in the world, every country in the world has to be at peace. In order for every country to be at peace, every state and every county within that country must be at peace. And for every county to be at peace, every town and every village must be at peace. And in order for every town and every village to be at peace, every house and every family must be at peace.

As soon as you start to argue with your brother or your mother there is no peace.

It’s very hard to let the anger go and live peacefully, but as John Lennon said, “Imagine all the PEOPLE living life in peace” – Please, just Give Peace a chance.

Thank you.

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